Sunday, May 13, 2012

There has been a huge impact in the shift of technology since I started teaching 17 years ago.  When I started teaching we did not use email every day in our classrooms the way do today.  It was not how administration communicated to us, nor how we communicated with each other.  If we needed something, we picked the phone off of the wall and called the other teacher or took a walk to the classroom or down to the office.  Overhead projectors were used all the time, some teachers even showed slides (gasp!)

Today it is possible to take a class online without physically attending class. Who would have thought? In our daily lives we use email to communicate at work as well as at home. Instant messaging and texting have become an important form of communication. Who would have thought that social networking would ever have become such an integral part of our society (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)? In the classroom we are blessed to have a projection and sound system with our computers enabling us to show and do just about anything with our students (Smartboards, etc.)

Where will we go from here? Technology advances so quickly. Computers get faster and faster. We are constantly learning in order to keep up. The possibilities are endless!

Blogger or EdModo? I am curious to see if the students are going to prefer blogger to Edmodo. I think that I would use blogger in the same way as edmodo, ask a question(s), have students post and then respond to 3 other students. Let's see what happens next week!